My favourite subject. Well, at least the one I know most about, though sometimes I don't even know myself.

Before I go completely gaga, I'm hoping this will remind me what my life was like and serve as some kind of autobiography.

Take it or leave it, as you will.

I've divided this up into sections:-

  • my early life
  • school
  • higher education
  • marriage
  • careers
  • accomplishments
  • people I've known
  • places I've lived
  • places I've been
  • retirement and beyond

Just reached my three score years and ten.

Everything from here on is a bonus. I intend to make the most of it.

Suddenly, I find myself single again and back living with mum. How sad is that?

Misquoting Oscar Wilde: "To lose one wife is a misfortune. To lose two smacks of carelessness."

But it wasn't careless, just rather tragic. They've both passed away. I'm a widower, twice over.