Rita Brazier (1940 - 2016) 


Ah, dear Rita, why did you have to leave me, my love?

We were so good together. Yes, our time was short, but it was beautiful for all that.

I met you not long after moving to the Aquadrome. We were sort of thrown together, weren't we?

Of course, it was a set up job. Our neighbours pushed us into it. But we had the last laugh. They never expected us to get on so well and eventually to wed, but we did. And it was a wonderful wedding. You were apprehensive about the date, fearing bad weather or illness. But on that perfect day, 29th December, 2015, everything seemed to go right. Nobody cried off, all twenty guests arrived happy and excited, including your brother Roger, and Mo, over from Spain. Auntie Beryl did a super job with the button holes and posies. Geoff, our neighbour, was willing chauffeur in his 'blue' car (I still reckon it was purple), Mel put together the table decorations and played the part of matron-of-honour. Milo, my youngest and chosen best man delivered some half decent jokes, Seb kept Gladys out of mischief, and Ben handled the music playlists.

 You looked gorgeous

         -  and so happy.

Then the honeymoon, in Corallejo, Fuerteventura. We had all of January together, wall-to-wall sunshine the whole time. It was marvelous. Here's you with our favourite pool attendant, Mohammad.  

We weren't to know then that you would get sick, or that the illness would be fatal, and that you would leave us all before the first wedding anniversary.

It hurts now to even think about it. But we had more than two happy years together. You were just what I needed after losing Jo and seeking a new life.

I hope I gave you what you needed for that time in both our lives. Bless you, Rita.








Josephine Mary Kerr (nee Allen) (1947 - 2013)

Jo (only her mother called her Josephine) was born and brought up in the village of Higham, Nr Rochester, Kent.